Alliance Open Tournament by EVE_NT

We’re happy to announce the EVE_NT Alliance Open tournament is coming this weekend!

32 EVE alliances will be facing off in double elimination 10v10 arena matches for glory, bragging rights, and over 700 billion in prizes.

This past weekend we saw CCP face the EVE_NT cast in an intense best-of-5 series and this coming weekend the main event kicks off with all 32 alliances going head to head in search of victory. The tournament will run over two weekends: November 14th/15th and November 21st/22nd with matches starting at 15:00 UTC and running up until 21:00 UTC each day.

This tournament is being sponsored by EDENCOM – featuring a reduction in the point cost of EDENCOM ships and a point increase for Triglavian vessels as well as brand new EDENCOM Victory SKINs for those teams that conquer their opponents.

Be sure to tune into the event at, vote for who you think will win, cheer on your favorite teams and have a shot at winning prizes of your own throughout the event! You can find all the information you need about the tournament on the EVE_NT website including a list of competing alliances, brackets, rules and more.

And with that we would like to introduce the competing alliances: 420 MLG TWINTURBO 3000 EMPIRE ALLIANCE RELOADED A Band Apart. Brave Collective Brotherhood of Spacers CAStabouts Dock Workers Dreadbomb. Esports Petopia Fraternity. Goonswarm Federation Honorable Third Party L A Z E R H A W K S Literally Triggered Lollipops Mouth Trumpet Cavalry No Vacancies. Odin’s Call Pen Is Out Rote Kapelle SE7EN-SINS Solyaris Chtonium Templis CALSF Test Alliance Please Ignore The Initiative. The Tuskers Co. The Weekend Warriors VYDRA RELOLDED WAFFLES. War and Wormhole Warlords of the Deep WE FORM VOLTA Wormhole Society Best of luck to all the competitors – we’ll see you in the arena!